Body by Jennetics by Jennifer Carrington

Body by Jennetics

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Body by Jennetics by Jennifer Carrington. My name is Jenn and I am an athlete, metabolic nutritionist and personal trainer. I specialize in permanent fat-loss for men and women. I grew up in New Zealand, was an avid gymnast and have always enjoyed a healthy, active lifestyle. Now based in Far North Queensland, Australia, I am extremely fortunate to have …

Channeling Healing with Rhiannon Augenthaler

Channeling Healing Rhiannon Augenthaler

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Channeling Healing – Rhiannon Augenthaler is a channeller for the Ascended Masters and beings of light. She channels Mary Magdalene, Sananda, Quan Yin, Saint Germain and many other Masters. A published author, Rhiannon Augenthaler has spent thousands of hours facilitating workshops, retreats, seminars and one on one sessions in many European countries, as well as New Zealand, and is now …

Raiders Hotel Tulagi

Raiders Hotel Tulagi

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Raiders Hotel Tulagi is a small boutique hotel located in the small township of Tulagi in the historical Central Province (a.k.a. Florida Islands) of the Solomon Islands. Raiders Hotel Tulagi is situated on the waterfront of Tulagi Island overlooking the tranquil waters of Tulagi Harbour and onward to the hills and forests of Ngella. Tulagi Island was previously the countries …

Johnny Rey Diaz Actor

Johnny Rey Diaz

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Johnny Rey Diaz is and American / Puerto Rican Actor, Writer, Producer and Director. Johnny Rey Diaz is known from Blur, The Last Heist, Khali the Killer, Only Now Existing’s Escape Artist, Kode Orange, Palisades Justice, The Pangaea Project, Treasures, Loose Ends, iCommit, Revolution, Unusual Suspects, Piloto, Beauty Queen Murders, Series Regular, Case 109, 90210, The Wake Up Call, The …

4x4 North America - Crash Tested Dog Kennels

4×4 North America

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Exclusive Importer & Wholesale Distributor of Crash Tested European Engineered Pet Safety & Travel Products. 4X4 North America is committed to keeping pets and their families safe. Inspired by the love of our own dogs and our desire to Travel Safely with them, we searched the globe for the best in Pet Safety, Pet Travel and Convenience Products. We are …

Energetically Sent

Energetically Sent

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Erica West has a Diploma in Leadership and Management, and has worked in the fields of Human Resources (Personnel/Recruiting Officer), Materials Management (Purchasing Officer), Office Administration (mining, civil construction, quarrying, accounting), and various healing modalities. Erica is a Justice of the Peace (Qualified), and a member of the National Federation of Healers (Australia). Erica is creator of a powerful energy …

Black Belt Dog Training by Robert Cabral

Black Belt Dog Training

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Black Belt Dog Training. Robert Cabral stumbled into dog training through his rescue work with some very “troubled dogs.”  At the advice of his veterinarian he began taking on private dog training clients. It is immediately evident that Robert loves dogs, but most importantly, he understands them.  In fact, when he’s not training dogs, he spends most of his time …

Carl Martin Effects Guitar Pedals

Carl Martin Effects

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Carl Martin Effects ESR was founded in 1990 as a professional PA sound rental company. Shortly after we began producing custom made audio equipment. Our goal was from the very beginning to develop and produce products for the demanding professional musician, with a superior sound quality and features not seen on any other guitar effect pedal. As a result of …

Aranuth - Malcolm Bell

Aranuth Malcolm Bell

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Aranuth – Wise and loving Master teacher and guide. Aranuth is a relatively unknown and unheralded, highly advanced being who has come to teach, guide, and point the way forward to all souls who seek advancement, enlightenment, and ascension to a higher vibratory level of existence and expression. He is a compassionate, committed, and caring entity who delivers his messages …

Kristen Hetzel Acor / Triathlete

Kristen Hetzel

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Kristen Hetzel is a Duathlete & Triathlete. Kristen Hetzel – The Duathlon is an event in which I run 10 kilometers, bike 40 kilometers, and run another 5 kilometers. The triathlon is an event in which I swim, bike, and run. I am on Team USA for the Duathlon and am in the top ten in the World in my …