4x4 North America - Crash Tested Dog Kennels

4×4 North America

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Exclusive Importer & Wholesale Distributor of Crash Tested European Engineered Pet Safety & Travel Products. 4X4 North America is committed to keeping pets and their families safe. Inspired by the love of our own dogs and our desire to Travel Safely with them, we searched the globe for the best in Pet Safety, Pet Travel and Convenience Products. We are …

Black Belt Dog Training by Robert Cabral

Black Belt Dog Training

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Black Belt Dog Training. Robert Cabral stumbled into dog training through his rescue work with some very “troubled dogs.”  At the advice of his veterinarian he began taking on private dog training clients. It is immediately evident that Robert loves dogs, but most importantly, he understands them.  In fact, when he’s not training dogs, he spends most of his time …

Bound Angels Dog Rescue Robert Cabral

Bound Angels Dog Rescue

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Bound Angels Dog Rescue. Bound Angels Dog Rescue is dedicated to bringing attention to the shelter crisis and implementing proven solutions. What we do and why it’s so important: Bound Angels Dog Rescue provides a unique service to shelters, humane societies and rescue organizations that helps save the lives of countless shelter pets. We have proven logical solutions and life-saving …